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Unknown Realm™ : The Siege Perilous is an exploration-focused, turn-based, western style 8-bit RPG inspired by the classic role-playing games of the 80's. Players will need to master medieval weaponry, descend into the depths of dungeons, navigate the treacherous seas, and learn to harness the power of the Elderstones to survive in this new realm of monsters and magic.


The original concept for Unknown Realm was developed by Bruce Gottlieb while he was in high school in the 1980's. After many years of working in the game industry, Bruce faced the reality that no game company would be making classic 8-bit RPGs anymore. Together with his wife Laura, he founded Stirring Dragon Games to bring Unknown Realm to life and revive this beloved genre of RPG. Their goal is to make games that synergize classic gaming aesthetics with modern sensibilities. As big fans of old school 80's game companies like Infocom, Origin, and Sierra they are set on bringing back that quintessential 80's gaming experience, including all the feelies!

Unknown Realm was successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter (www.stirringdragon.games/kickstater) in January 2017 and has been greenlit by the Steam Community (www.stirringdragon.games/greenlight) and will be available digitally on Steam when it is released.


  • Alive world - Explore a rich, vibrant world full of secret locations. Day & night cycles + nighttime tiles. Seasonal monsters, tiles and fx.
  • Fun-focused Combat - Simple attack + direction targeting keeps you in the action. Hot keys for primary/secondary weapons toggle. Turn based combat that feels like real-time. Combat can take place in overworld as well as zoomed-in mode.
  • Companion NPCs - Go it alone or choose from a variety of animal companions, mercenaries, and other NPCs to fight along side you
  • Modern Sensibilities - Automap, in-game journal, NPC portraits, clean interface with auto-sort, skill-based character creation.
  • Hybrid Soundtrack (world's first in-game!) - This feature allows you to switch between authentic retro SID or alternate modern versions of songs in real time. Unknown Realm will feature music composed by legendary video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, The Giana Sisters and Star Wars Rogue Squadron).
  • Customizable Video Modes - Multiple style view modes (scanline, CRT, fullscreen, windowed), plus selectable retro color palettes (C64, Apple II, NES, EGA, MSX, CPC, ZX Spectrum and more)!
  • Old School Collector's Edition Box - the physical collector's edition version of Unknown Realm, currently available on Megafounder while supplies last (www.stirringdragon.games/megafounder) offers the classic RPG experience in its truest form. The PC Collector's Edition box includes a cloth map, deluxe paper manuals, selected "feelie" items that are incorporated into gameplay, game soundtrack disc and physical DRM-free game disc.


Unknown Realm Trailer


NOTE: This game is a work in progress, all artwork is subject to change and will be updated here periodically with the latest images. Press is advised to check back here for the most current images before publishing.

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Selected Articles and Feedback

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  • Lord British Will Appear In-Game

  • This RPG via Kickstarter for C64 and PC looks gorgeous! I could pretty much be here all day listing everything this C64 and PC RPG game might have after its successful funding, but by the gods is Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous by Stirring Dragon Games a seriously wicked looking retro RPG

  • Probably my favorite KS project right now. Love the passion, and every detail is authentic.

    - Sean Gailey, co-founder of J!NX

  • If you've been yearning for the golden days of RPGs this is definitely a project worth looking into.


Laura Gottlieb
Biz Dev, PR, Creative Director

Bruce Gottlieb
Game Designer, Engineer, Creative Director

Raf Salazar

Chris Huelsbeck